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Dandelion Meadow

The Art of the Steal

Genre: Crime - Flash Fiction - 943 Words

A night guard at a high end art gallery locks down millions of dollars worth of paintings and statues. The night is going smoothly until he discovers there are unwelcome visitors in the next room. 

40 Feet Under

Genre: Horror - Short Story - Nine Pages 

The small town of Northwood is home to few. While everyone knew each other - even while they lived miles away - no one knew how the town fell apart so quickly. 


Genre: Fantasy - Short Script - Nine Pages 

By day, she is like any other student trying to get through the day. But night? They are the right hand of the Goddess of Death herself. While the rules of Death are set in stone, but what happens when you try to bend them?

Adventures of an Induced Nightmare

Genre: Dark Fantasy - Flash Fiction - Four Pages

Clarissa is locked inside an asylum, convicted of a crime that she does not think that she committed. Ever so slowly does she come to the realization of what this hospital really is. 

The Whispering Sequoia 

Genre: Dark Fantasy - Flash Fiction - Nine Pages 

Katherine always knew that she held a bigger purpose than what she was led to believe. However, she didn't think that it would be this. 

The Life to Kill For

Genre: Crime - Flash Fiction - Four Pages

A dangerous assassin gets a hit for a home that he is all too familiar with. 

Thin Ice

Genre: Crime, Humor - Comic Panel by Panel Script

Tommy Smith dreams of more exciting things than to work in a skating rink in the middle of Blue Dale Mall. One slow Monday afternoon, he sees something that he shouldn't have. Has he traveled on to thin ice?


Genre: Dark Fantasy - Short YA Story - Eleven Pages 

A dark, urban retelling of Rapunzel. 

Sandra's Clips is one of the most popular salons in Beverly Hills. As celebrities are preparing for a big night ahead of them. One of them begins to have other plans. 

First Date Jitters

Genre: Crime, Humor, Romance - Interactive Game

Dating is never easy, but when it comes to dating online, it can be near impossible. You never know who could be on the other side of that screen. A catfish, criminal, something worse? However, during the pandemic it is hard to go out and test the waters and you have a mother who wants nothing more for you than to find someone and start a family. Could they be the one?

Short Stories and More

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