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Published Works

Flashes of the Dark

Genre: Crime/ punishment, dark fantasy. 

Ebook : 3060 words. 3 short stories.

Flashes of the Dark is a collection of flash fiction written by Kristy Jeanne which features conflicts that are derived from the darkest corners of the human mind. 

In The Life to Kill For  Xavier is an assassin that has been called to a familiar client to him. The wife of an abusive husband who also happens to be the biggest drug dealer in New Mexico. Rachel knows that he is no good and now she wants him dead. However, she always second-guesses herself when the assassin Xavier comes to her doorstep. Will this visit be the same as the last?

In the second story, Adventures of an Induced Nightmare, we follow a girl named Vanya who is locked in a psychward for a crime that she did not commit. It was only attempted in fact, it was never done. Vanya does not feel that she is guilty so she must find a way out of the torment without running into the one that she fears the most. 

In The Art of the Steal,  A museum guard is closing up the exhibits for the night until he hears whispers coming from the darkened halls. It is only the start of the party when he finds out the intentions of the people those voices belong to.

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